100 things list

This is my ongoing list of 100 things
1. paint 40 paintings in one month
2. sell 40 paintings in one month
3. travel to Greece, somewhere with azure colored water and take an art class
4. visit Georgia O'Keefe.... yes, I know, she's dead but I could go to her house and converse with her essence.
5. live with wild abandon
6. build my art-travel company www.herfootsteps.com
7. Drive a cute scooter
8. feel healthy and free of pain. this is coming true, 24 hours at a time
9. establish 4 galleries in 4 different cities to sell my art
10. continue to find Love and peace everyday
11. ride on a train
12. finish my fine arts degree majoring in art history
13. stop wishing I could be organized
14. Have my story and my art printed in a Stampington publication http://www.stampington.com/artjournaling/
15. Have a patio or deck with comfy chairs where friends would sit and relax with me.
16. Make new dreams of my own
17. Drive a funky car with my brand all over it, painted.
18. be
19. have enough money to buy nice presents for others
20. maintain a thin, healthy body for the rest of my life.
21. be rich and famous and happy.... all three, not one without the other
22. practice my meditations for 30min. a day
23. an iphone for my business.... got it, yahoo, I love it!!!
24. learn how to use twitter effectively, thanks to Frithjof I am
25. learn the best way to love my children
26. clean out my closet
27. Hire my weaknesses; an assistant to catch all the balls in the air and help me be lucrative.
28. win $4 million dollars..... $1 million would be fine, though
29. Love very well
30. buy an ipad
31. Be a GelaSkins artist
32. I'm a size 6, yahooooo! Gotta love Old NAvy, I'm a size 4
33. somehow convey to friends, how humbled I am by their Love (I know it's not always easy)
34. Have a fridge with french doors and a pull out bottom freezer
36. Teach 'firestARTers' workshops that ignite spirits.
37. http://www.torontoartexpo.com/home.html enter 2012
38. Teach workshops.... working on heART school for fall 2012
39. watch movies about artists
40. read books about artists
41. write, illustrate and publish a book
42. earn $60,000 in one year.....from my art
43. create a series of videos of me painting
44. Live in a Mexican village for a month every winter
45. buy a 15" MacBook Pro
46. buy an iPad or tablet
47. paint murals
48. go to Melmerby for 2 weeks in the summer
49. get a grant for my 36 x 48 'sketchbook faces' project
50. Enter Surtex in New York
51. Enter http://www.licensingexpo.com/
52. Study art in all ways possible... travel and otherwise.
53. Raise empowered kids
54. Italy- my uncle went to a magical place called Sienna.....
55. french countryside
56.have a close team of people to support me in my creative/mental health explosions.
57. become  a licensed artist represented at big gift shows
58. get 500 views on one of my youtube vids
59. see visual artists in the realm of other entertainers
60. Enter in my sketchbook everyday.
61. Hike somewhere new once a week with my sketchbook
62. become a motivational speaker and instructor
63. pierce and tattoo.... pierced my nose, now for the pear on my neck
64. South Africa
65. Kenya
66. do something dangerous everyday
67. someone to scour my house 1 per month
68. Hot tub
69. Pool
70. have nice biceps
71. be a career, fine artist
72. level 1 yoga
73. sleep
74. print huge photos on gallery canvas
75. be a loving mother all the way til my kids feel loved
76. learn to throw a pot
77. build square foot gardens with irrigation to grow veggies
78. grow a salsa garden; tomatos, tomatios, cilantro, jalepenos,
79. grow pumpkins
80. walk 3 times a week for 1 hour
81. wow I'm at 81!!!
82. find the perfect cup of coffee.... so far The Bean Scene is winning, except even the decaf makes me jittery.... back to Starbucks Sumatra decaf.
83. Coach others to be happy, joyous and free
84. weigh 145 lbs this summer..... I did this, I'm 140 and at my goal, Now 136 and loving it!
85. study ACIM lessons everyday
86. get a lens for my iphone, did this!
87. have my art on 1000 electronic devices this year.
88.  find an art dealer to represent me
89. have my art published with a large gift company
90. create a line of journals with my art on them
91. attend huge gift shows to sign my signature journals and day planners
92. Live in a funky loft with an art studio
93. get a POS for my iphone
94. develop my gift of discernment and intuition.
95. work in perfect harmony with my guardian angels
96. Learn to only please myself and in turn, I will please others.
97.  renew all my cells and become myself
98. Develop a line of rubber stamps, mixed media journals, stationary, art prints, to empower everyone to make art. www.artformeandeverybody.com
99. Live my "one wild and precious life"
100. Visit Frida, I know, she's dead too..... but she lives on every time I pick up a paintbrush.