Monday, July 9, 2012

Post-Lille Gard-fest

Have you ever had immersion into absolute spirit-filled, emotional goodness? Like, you've been picked up off the planet and gently placed somewhere safe...... no, I'm not having a manic episode I just went to Lille Gard Arts festival! For three days we laughed, created, collaborated, danced, sang, Loved each other and completely saturated ourselves in art of all kinds. It was pure bliss. For me, it started here with this video:
I worked on the Lille Gard promo video with two of the most creative, wonderful guys who let me throw everything I have at it. They came to my studio and Nico Boesten filmed while we painted. Jesse Padget, 'idea guy extraordinaire'; directed, painted and then narrated and played the banjo.

It's taking me some time to get my footing back after being swept away like that.....

I have made amazing contacts and sparked some exciting fires. Let the Action begin!

Watch for upcoming workshops, shows, new work being created and best of all COLLABORATION!!!!
P.S. do you have a homeschooler looking for art instruction in the fall?

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