Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cut Grass..... or cutting the grass

Today: Love is, to me, someone who wants to cut my grass.
I want someone to want to cut my grass.
seems so simple.
I live on a big beautiful property with a lot of it and the only mower we have is a tiny little electric one. My dad does most of the work so I really don't have to do it very often. The mower had a flap over the back opening that has been removed so as you walk behind it you get a face full of cut grass. We have had a lot of rain so every green thing has grown thick and lush. It's beautiful.
Right now it represents for me, though, fear of being alone with all the jobs of life. Maybe it's a girl thing. So much work to do...... so much alone. It's crippling at times, and I never quite seem to get it right.
I know for sure that I have to look at it differently, do it differently because it's just way too painful this way. I know for sure that God listens. In the mean time I hold my hands to my heart often and say, "it's OK baby, it'll be OK. You know, be my own set of arms..... hold on tight for a bit longer.
Love is, to me, someone who wants to cut my grass.
this is where I live and Love.
It is love that brings happiness to people.
It is love that gives joy to happiness.
My mother didn't give birth to me, that love did.
A hundred blessings and praises to that love. Rumi

My daughter just got home and said, " I washed and vaccuumed the car mom"........ Love.

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