Friday, March 30, 2012

my week in pics

Ok so here's me in my usual post, bed! I have pink hair
In Downtown Kelowna you can find some new permanent art on Leon Avenue. It was a combined effort between The Kelowna Gospel Mission,  Communities in Bloom Committee, City of Kelowna and the artists..... of which I am one of seven.
what I accomplished this week is painting this huge mixed media piece which is demonstrating Mixed media on Opus Fine art printing. It is a very unique possibility now as their printing is NOT WATER SOLUBLE so you can paint to your hearts creative content! I'm so grateful to Opus for the opportunity. You can visit her at Opus Kelowna
 OOps! I had a fight with the concrete post in my parkade..... as you can see I lost! "God, what is the purpose of this" is my daily mantra. In keeping with the FACT that I always get an answer. The answer was ,'I'm a grown-up who made a mistake. I have no-one to answer to but myself. I have no need to beat myself like a child. Just deal with it like an adult' Yahoo..... what an amazing moment to have no guilt about this experience!!!
on the way to Opus Art Supply to deliver this big 'Girl'

My big painting with Opus Art Supply Diva Christina of Thanks to other art diva, Trina Ganson for taking the picture.

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