Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've often deluded myself into believing that I embrace change, welcome it even. In 2011 that belief was challenged about as far as one human could manage (pending death of course). My marriage of 22 years crumbled and my husband had to move to Alberta in order to find employment. The property we have our house on is for sale so there is the ever present possibility that me and the kids will be uprooted to God-knows-where. Possibly hardest of all, my baby girl is about to turn 18 and graduate high-school as well as get her driver's license. It's all happening now and there are days that the pain is palpable like a throbbing cold yet burning spot squarely to the left of center of my chest. I'm having one those confusing/emotional days where I question every decision I've ever made. It's exhausting this business of change, yet the only thing we can truly count on.

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rebecca said...

Hang in there. Paint paint paint. ((hugs))