Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Do you have a bunch of those Twongo or Groupon coupons? Or any coupons for that matter. I've never been a coupon user. Once and awhile I clip them but then often forget I have them and they expire..... what a bummer. Well I have a bunch of them now, saved up, and there's some really fun things I can do. You know, like facials, massages, carpet cleaning...... It's going to be great! I decided I'm going to review them as I go right here at The Pear Workshop dot com. Yesterday I went for a heavenly Shiatsu massage at E.volve Health and Wellness with Carly Wrighton, on Ambrosi Road.

 Often when I use a coupon I find the purveyor is a bit skimpy on their services..... Like they know you got a deal and they're a bit resentful or something. I was pleasantly surprised with Carly, who was so generous. She actually asked me if she could go for an hour and fifteen minutes just to get to know me better! So, we chatted for about 10 minutes and then I got naked and up on the massage table. What a treat, under the sheets was lovely warm heating pads. I've been so cold this winter so I really appreciated the warm cocoon. The massage was fantastic and towards the end Carly placed brass bowls on my spine and gently 'played' them with a stick of some sort? (sorry, not the most technical description) The bowls vibrated causing a deep sensation down my spine.... super cool and exotic. I was so relaxed when I walked/floated out of E.volve, I forgot all the busyness and stress for a little while. Thanks Carly!

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