Sunday, January 29, 2012

Drive, Drive, Drive and pattern making bliss

I did cry as I drove away from my little bug but it's been 2 weeks now with #momcar Ford Freestyle and so far so good. 17 year old Chloe was so happy to get behind the wheel right away and DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE. It's a very solid, front wheel drive, full size crossover and our weather has been oh so wintery. There are fender benders and accidents all over the place but our big wagon just cruises on by. Grocery shopping and fetching giant water-cooler bottles has been a breeze.
I'm redesigning my logo and hope to have it printed and pasted on the back window of my new ride all ready for spring. Speaking of redesigning..... I'm thrilled to be starting module 2 of  the art and business of pattern design
put on by these two amazing creative entrepreneurs:

I feel so fortunate to be soaking up loads of creative energy from all my new 'friends' on Flickr and Pinterest who are taking the course. This new world of studying through social media is incredibly inspiring. 5 short years ago I was in a severe life threatening depression. After stumbling across SuziBlu on Youtube and connecting with Kelly Rae Roberts on Facebook I haven't looked back. I took 3 of Suzi's workshops and then 'Flying Lessons' from Kelly Rae. My experiences with on-line studies has not only taught me artistic things it has literally and dramatically saved my life. With the help of Medical care, connecting with a wonderful community in social media and ART I am a happy and functioning mom and full-time artist.
Monday launches Module 2 in The Art and Biz of Pattern design. I have, again, found the most amazing online supportive community and I am learning in warp speed!!! It's so exciting! I have big goals right now that I'll be sharing as I go. here are a few of my new creations
my hand drawn paisley pattern on repeat with color. Hopefully destined for fabric, paper, etc.

detail of my hand drawn doodle paisley pattern
layered bursts pattern
simple doodle lines over firey red
tangerine tango is the pantone color of the year! I honored it by adding some springy doodle flowers and made it a repeat

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