Saturday, December 3, 2011

Somewhere along the way I started hating Christmas. Yes, hating. Ironically it might have been when I had my own kids. Christmas isn't designed for mothers, at least not 'highly sensitive to over stimulation' mothers. The version of this celebration that has been designed by Coke is, in my opinion, ugly and void of generosity. We have been fed an ideal that running around spending loads of money and hanging lights and gorging on carbs is generosity but I have to say, IT IS NOT.
I'm in a new place, on a new path, just past the fork in the road of life. A few years ago I was standing at the decision, the fork just ahead. I knew I was an unorthodox living in the wrong skin and trying desperately to be something I was not. What a fateful day to choose this lovely, serene way. To be recovering from so many wayward choices and to have life unfolding so mercifully and gracefully with out any effort at all. And yet, here we are back at this time of the orbit and the solstice where commercialism abounds in all it's fat horrible excessiveness. What to do?
I'm going to enjoy the one art show I've chosen to participate in. I'm  going to buy my children a few nice presents that they've asked for. I'm going to bring steamed vegetables and a salad to Christmas dinner and I'm going to spend as much time in deep reflection of my souls purpose and where I fit into this space and time while I'm here.

I truly believe that we are celebrating a winter solstice, gratitude for the plenitude that mother Earth provides....... simplicity, perfection, lightness. air, water, fire, nourishment. Just that, only those, exactly what I need. Praise.

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