Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm watching a documentary on The Knowledge Network about a choir of seniors singing classic rock songs such as schizophrenia, Forever Young and one by the Doors. They travel to many countries, they practice and they form bonds with each other. In one scene they are performing at a prison for a bunch of tough looking, male inmates. The performance is dignified even though the performers are wearing bright blue ball caps in a somewhat undignified location. It's so moving to watch the looks on the viewers faces, how they respond to the different songs, fast or slow, smiles and tears. they grin happily at the end of the show and say, "that's the best show I've ever seen". It's a beautiful thing to see this group Love each other through death, aging, illness and the fun they're having.
"You don't get out of this life alive",  Is what one fellow says. He has oxygen tubes in his nose. The next scene is him strutting a music video as lead singer on 'Stayin Alive' (still with the oxygen). The scene after that another member of the group drops dead of cancer.

So often I ask that adolescent question that goes something like this, "why?" But then I have a day like today where things just make sense. I taught my first class at The Kelowna Art Gallery which feels something of a milestone. I had a yummy espresso at GioBean (a must if you like really good italian style java.) And, best of all I did all those fun things with my Mom.

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