Sunday, October 30, 2011

I find myself wishing to be all 'Ground Hog Day' for last weekend (the movie not February 2nd). I took part in a summit that was focused on Art, faith and justice. About 40 creatives were invited to spend Friday night and all day Saturday at the most magical location, Bo.ttega, it was put on by Tribehouse collective. I'm short on words for describing the experience, it's something that I'm feeling in my cells.... the absolute goodness of being surrounded by people who heard the creative call and are living it in every way. The incredible, live music swirled around that big open room and rained back down, connecting us with each other. It was/is collaboration in it's purest form..... to just sit in communion and be fully present. Maybe that's the art? Not a piece of work in it's finished form but the ever flowing, growing, shifting creative story being told when we sit together and really listen.
I listened with all of myself.
What does it mean to be part of a community when you've been solitarily struggling through life. I'm not good at connecting and collaborating, it usually gives me a migraine. Somehow things are different now and my yellow brick road is on a trajectory toward Loving and experiencing people. I have real friends, a team and I realize when I look back on the last couple of years that I'm not alone anymore. If you're a healthy soul this may sound like small potatoes but if you're like me; hyper-sensitive to the pulse of the Earth you may understand. I have lived my life trying so hard not to need anything from anyone but, in the words of Margaret Fuller, "Two persons love in one another the future good, which they aid one another to unfold."

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