Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Year of the Fire Starter

August 7th:
Creative Fire Starter is  my moniker for this, my 46th year. (I am a Leo and my Chinese zodiac is a fire horse) I'm spreading my fire for art and hope to be an arson for other peoples art too.

I'm celebrating my 45th birthday this year......? It's funny how I've shifted into old by the look on people's faces. When I announce, "cripes, I'm turning 45 on Wednesday" they say wow, "you don't don't look it or just a simple eyebrow raise paired with "MMMM". Last year when I would say "I'm turning 44" I would get, "oh, you're still a spring chicken or something to express I had a long way to go yet.... and I would feel pacified for a moment. Nope, not this year. I've officially moved into mature with an emphasis on the 'T' (the way my sister says it).

I haven't had a party for a long time so I decided to do it up artist style this year. A musician I've recently met, Brent Tyler, and absolutely love his work has agreed to join me and play at my studio.
FORGIVENESS (sailboats)
August 14th:
Andy Warhols mother is said to have told him, "don't be pushy but let everyone know you're around".
Last night I audaciously faced a 5 foot by 4 foot canvas stapled to my studio wall while surrounded by friends family and art appreciators. In the opposite corner of my studio was (pinch me) Brent Tyler and his percussion collaborator Andrew Ball. When they did their sound check at 6:30 I started to cry.... very moving experience that. It was a dream come true to be surrounded by people I love, an incredibly talented musical ensemble, and to paint...... did I deserve it? Was I pushy? Why are these the questions I'm asking myself today?
I'm happy with the painting I made last night and I'm incredibly honored and humbled that two such hi-caliber musicians played with me. I'll leave it at that and if I was pushy, audacious, disproportionately confident The universe will right me. My hope is that I will be blessed with another such opportunity again soon. I ache to add stage painter to my resume.