Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm so curious if anyone did it? Did you have an Olympic training day? Did you feel great at the end of it? I did and I did!!!! Yesterday I made great strides on the painting that I'm working on for Leon Avenue. It's metal and 2'x4' and I have to use exterior house paint which is so unforgiving! A real challenge but with each change I realize again that the paintings just come through me. I'm a mere conduit, a channel. If I just show up with a brush it just happens and it's so much better if my crazy mind gets out of the way.
Leave me a comment to tell about your Olympic day. I would love to hear about the tiny little things you did a bit differently and the miracles that ensued


Rebecca said...

You are brave for painting on metal! The though makes me cringe- at least with exterior paint. I can handle projects with spray paint, but trying to use a brush would frustrate me. Good job!

Margaret Duarte said...

May I talk about your miracle instead? I absolutely love your work. The colors appeal to me. The subjects appeal to me. The style appeals to me. Awesome. What a great feeling it must be to paint the way you do.