Wednesday, May 11, 2011

what I'm working on today

I'm loving every moment of this process, the painting and the video documenting of the painting! It's still going to be awhile and possibly will be about 4 vids long. So I've decided while working on this painting that it's high time I got a new easel. This one is about 17 years old and it was a cheap student easel when I bought it. I've had dreams of someone building me a cool one that could turn and stuff..... I know an artist who's husband built her one like that. I just asked a friend, "are you making room for something great to come into your life"? but the funny thing is, I think I was actually asking myself. Do you ever do that..... mention something all wise and stuff and realize that it was meant for YOU? Wow, maybe everything falls into that category. I digress. I need a new easel. That's intention speaking to the universe because I have no idea how it's going to come to me. 

This is the one I want, Universe

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Nicogroove said...

Love that tree duder. Nice work. You should decorate it with real money and call it something original like "the money tree". I think it would sell right away.