Sunday, May 8, 2011

What if.......

What if, I went back to school next September to finish my bachelor of fine arts? I wonder? So many things go through my mind at the possibilities. I could study Art History like I've dreamed of doing. I could explore my fascination with all the women artists who've gone before me and risked everything to shout out their creative words. Their voices are calling me, I can hear Frida with her lovely mexican lilt and Georgia so gentle and buttery. Mary Cassat, I don't know you very well but girl, maybe we could catch up over tea. I bought the domain name herfootsteps dot com and I am going to visit all those women artists around the world, and hopefully bring some other like minded individuals with me.
OR, Artemisia Gentileschi 1593–1652 who painted Judith Slaying Holofernes. Now there's a woman I could get to know, if she'd let me in. I absolutely love this painting and I need to learn why, technically! 
When I first knew I needed to study art history it was with distain but within days of my first class I was hooked. i think it was largely, in part, due to the instructor. Mireille Perron, the only women I've ever fallen in love with, made everything sound romantic. Even when she said Dada or Barbarian I hung on every syllable.  So now, almost 18 years later I want to get back at it. Studying and becoming a degree carrying woman. There are some things I need to find out; can I use any of my credits from the 2 years of art school I did back in the '90's? How much does it cost and WHERE am I going to get the money. I think when one gets the desire and the in-spiration (spirit) the means will follow. So off I continue on my yellow brick road to discover if this is part of my future. 

I celebrated both my kids birthdays this weekend, mother's day is poignant because they are both officially teenagers now. My baby is 13 and I really can't believe it. I do feel as though I'm in a re-invention phase of life..... so many changes and unknowns. I think the old me would have been trying to find a big rock to crawl under but the new and improved me is just excited and full of wonder at what's around the next bend. I'm a size 4, wonders never cease!!!! If I can be 135 lbs and a size 4 anything is possible, maybe even bliss and abundance.

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