Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Richest Girl in the World

The long row of 100 foot Pines, beyond the apple orchard, are swaying in the wind. They are somehow strong and precarious at the same time. Some of them have the tell tale red of pine-beetle damage. I've seen a few fall about half way down, with such force it takes your breath away. I had been thinking about a hike today.  Instead I warmed up my bean bags and curled up with Oprah interviewing president and Mrs. Obama. and my blog. The air still has a chill and the apple trees are all pulled in like spectators at a winter parade. My dad, my hero, who has his ear quietly to the pulse of the earth says, "the apple blossoms are a month behind this year". Every spring at the this time I head up the hill behind my house and am in awe and wonder that the old abandoned cherry orchard is in bloom and the bees have come back to collect pollen. I know some say there are signs of change, but here in this miraculous pocket that I call home the quail still bob up the rows at dusk and back down again at dawn. The dogs circuit the property line like deputies and you can see stars at night for the black sky. ('Grass grows without edges and bees are princes', that's a line from my children's story I hope to publish someday.)
I'm letting go, now, of the home I've lived the longest in. We might be here a while yet but I need to let go never-the-less. To all things comes an end.
Last night was the Artists For Japan Disaster Relief Concert. I can safely say I am not a naturally talented fundraiser. it was a fun run through small town stardom and philanthropy and now I wait faithfully for the next message from the universe. There are rumblings and, like my dad, I keep my ear to the earth.

In-spired or in-the-spirit is the way I am living now. I was recently introduced to the poetry of David Whyte and love this line of his "what you can plan is too small for you to live" so I have attempted to stop planning. it's much harder than it sounds, in fact I already have plans for Thursday and Friday Oh gosh I guess for the weekend too..... I'm not even much of a planner so you gold A-types out there must be having a hell of a time. I recommend making mistakes in your plan at the very least, I have the most wonderful surprises come out of my mistakes.


Marghanita said...

Beautiful post Carrie. Thank you for sharing.

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Unknown said...

hey, girl, it's your long lost frined from Maine!!I have been away from your blog- sounds like lots has changed. I hope you are well. I hope you are strong. I wish you great strength and the ability to learn to be alone with yourself!! HUGS- Lee