Sunday, May 15, 2011

I went to Walmart last night for breath mint strips, cotton balls, and a lighter for candles. I returned a pair of pantyhose. I cried. I was having a great big pity party that it was saturday night and I was in Walmart. The 300 lb girl in front of me in the pink and red striped pyjamas had a someone with his arm around her. Me, I was alone and bored..... bad combination.
I came home to a house full of music and laughter and 17 year olds. I plugged in Julia Roberts; eating praying and loving and felt somehow pacified. If I can just hang in between those, the blissful moments, pacified moments. Make them the cornerstones of my life. Remember that even though the pain is so intense at times it really is not as powerful as the unexpected miraculous Love that has flooded over me. I am shocked and amazed everyday that the miracles continue to roll in and they're big, bold unfathomable miracles.
One of the miracles:
I have been invited to be part of a group of artists who will each paint a large panel to hang over Leon Avenue in Kelowna. It will be part of beautifying the block where our  Gospel mission is. The residents of the area are homeless and often facing massive challenges. Art heals. Bringing my art to be part of the healing is a daunting yet amazingly rich order and nothing less than a miracle. Here is my latest youtube video. Please subscribe to my channel. I plan to keep taping all my creative processes. Another miracle: Kim McMechan is the brilliant musician behind the piano on my 'Pear Tree' series of videos. AND in the summer I will be using James Balfour's amazing tunes...... this is really one of the most exciting things ever!!! I love collaboration.

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