Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clean Sheets

I washed my sheets tonight.
Sheets on the bed of 21 years or is it 22, Who's counting?
I washed those sheets and now I realize that your scent is gone..... I can't get it back.
All the moments you don't remember when you're angry or sad, I can't get those back.
But I washed the sheets and now my mind says it's OKay to make new memories. If only my heart could agree and realize that there is nothing wrong with clean sheets. That what we wanted was fresh air billowing under them.
The old sheets were good. they held Love and pain and babies. But it was time, my mind says, to let them go and have fresh clean ones.
The new sheets are clean, I ask myself; do I really want clean sheets..... it's too late though because they are. Only one side is folded down tonight and the other crisply tucked.
I put the pillow cases on carefully where your head won't lay, it'll be OKay?

I could wish to have it all back the way it was but I won't. It can't be. I realize. My mind and heart will tough it out awhile and the sheets will soak up all the tears and the sweat of my dreams of dark clouds. Spring is coming. Maybe I'll hang the sheets out one day when the weather warms.


Baxter's Mom said...

My thoughts are with you...I know it's hard...but eventually, it will get better.

By Referral said...

Last month I went to Between the Sheets and spent a small fortunate on 1800 count sheets - WHITE - never had white sheets - clean - deserving - kind - welcoming - that is what they say to me today - I love my new sheets and I love that I did that for me - Between The Sheets