Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The healing power of creative journaling and zentangling

A couple of weeks ago I was honored to stand in front of six beautiful women and share what I have learned about Creative Journaling and Mixed Media. It was two Saturday afternoon's of creativity and good, self-exploring conversation. Since then I have seldom stopped doodling in My Moleskine journal. One of the participants in my class shared a new art form with us called zentangle I hope everyone goes and checks it out as well as looking at all the youtube vids on the topic.

Here is one of my lame first attempts at this sport. I absolutely love doing it  and am excited to share this with my Mixed Media workshops in the future. Journaling is such a healing art form and doodling or Zentangling, as it's now known, is no exception.  I'm considering getting a certification, yup you heard me! You can become a certified instructor. I think this whole visual creative journaling is my new schtick and I love passing everything I know on to anyone who wants deeper self expression and possibly healing in a safe private way. coming up at The Vernon Public Art Gallery is my journaling workshop, three Saturdays: May 21st, 28th and June 4th. call (250)545.3173 or for more information. all are welcome!


Lauren Wilson said...

How dare you say lame! Its gorgeous and organic and I love it!
You better go back and edit that "lame attempt" right out of this blog post lady! LOL

Lauren Wilson said...

oh and one more thing - You MUST! go for that Zentangle certified instructor :) perfect addition to your teaching repertoire! You go girl!