Saturday, January 8, 2011

I feel something of a failure today :( It's OK though, who cares? I'm moving back to the studio after a three month hiatus. I'm excited and trepidacious (I think that's a word?) right now my art table at home is such a mess, I have to box everything up and haul it downtown (K. DID THAT). I LOVE my funky, little downtown studio but there is something so flowy and creative about working at home. My house is not conducive to being an artist with a family. My 'stuff' is in what used to be the dining room. I have a huge (6'X 4') painting hanging on the wall that faces into the kitchen, living room, dining room. IT HAS CONSUMED ME FOR 2 MONTHS. I think it's almost done, will take it to it's new home tomorrow (Sunday) and then put some final touches, take some pics, varnish it and then final delivery. send me good vibes that it all goes well!

I just booked the Opus framing and art supply classroom for a Mixed Media Journaling workshop. It will take place on February 19th and 26th..... 2 parts this time because there are soooo many juicy details to cover. This is all about charging up your creative battery in 2011 and it's going to be super-dee-duper fun. I'm really hoping for some some new artists and some folks who 'think' they aren't creative. Truth is, we are all creative beings, the fact that we walk this crusty surface means we have already co-created. I have tons of cool collage materials to include in your tuition and am hoping to collect a bunch of things when I GO TO MEXICO, "HOLA".
I'm going to see if I can put up a paypal button here so that you can sign up and get your course outline ASAP.
There is only room for 8 participants so sign up soon! Can't wait to share everything with you. intuitively yours,

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Unknown said...

thanks beautiful lady for your artistic support...your artwork and philosophy inspires

sarah xx