Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I think I'm a 'Brave Girl', finally.

Would you like to join me in a 6 week 'soul restoration' through your own visual Journaling? After reading Melody Ross' blog post today I decided I have come so far in such a short time (God willing) and I can actually call myself a Brave Girl! Melodie's story telling is nothing short of inspired and super entertaining. I laughed and felt deeply that I'm not the only one who lives with somewhat humbling/humiliating scenarios daily.

This time last year I was miserable, just plain fat and looking for happiness in my daily binges..... sorry if this offends but I'm not any of those things anymore so it actually feels good to say it now. I was binging not only on every refined carbohydrate in sight but also on sadness and self pity. My days were spent mostly hiding out at home feeling sick and my nights were spent eating alone and in despair. One of the most embarrassing episodes was actually at my sister's house over Christmas holidays. My family and I were all together for the holiday and as in many families it was tense and stress filled. My sister is an amazing cook and baker and she had her patio table, outside the kitchen, filled with lovely sweets. as everyone was heading to bed one night I made a bee-line for the patio table (I was spending the day there in my mind anyway) I'm sure you can predict the outcome of that night.... I had my fill and felt more and more outrageously disgusted with myself as the minutes ticked by. It's a memory now though, life is really different today.... just for today I'm a Brave Girl. I follow a food plan given to me by a long line of other women with food obsessions, I'm 60 lbs lighter and I feel so free from thinking about my next fix that I'm getting on with life and art and love.

I'm running a Soul Restoration Group from the Brave Girls Club website. If you head over there to sign up for the class mention me as the leader of the group, I need six people to qualify! You won't need the kit mentioned as I will share with you all of my favorite things and we'll get going in the week of January 11 on a day that works for everyone.

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Cindy said...

I am excited and scared....I just signed up for the Brave Girls workshop!......my 'house' is bold and padded but the mouse that dwells within is tiny and, sometimes, lost.....she wants to be a brave girl someday <3