Monday, November 22, 2010

So techie, ALT

I just made a favicon..... see that little face up on the browser tab? I made that without having a clue what I was doing! It took about an hour to figure it out but I did it.....
I'm so excited, I've been working on my website (actually a blog) I'm learning all kinds of techie things and feeling so empowered.... powerful really. What an accomplishment, when you seem to know nothing for so long and all of a sudden you can solve your own problems (with some help of course). I seem to be doing that in life as well, for years I went along thinking I could not earn a living, support myself, believe in anything important, make a website. I felt as though life was a 'not so magic carpet ride' and I was going to slip off at any moment and plummet to darkness. My new truth is that it IS a magic carpet ride and DREAMS can come to fruition if I see them and expect them and most of all, ask for them. Deborah says ALT (that little key that most of don't use on the computer keyboard)ASK, LISTEN, TAKE ACTION. So that's what I've been doing and do you know what, there are answers being downloaded actively.
I don't think I'll ever get over my amazement that there is a living power-greater-than-ourselves who wants to give us a super life where we easily solve challenges and learn brilliant answers.
Early on in 2010 I was given the word success, and so far this year that is exactly what I have received. I found a program for living on January 14 and I have lost around 60 lbs because of it, I now wear a size 6!!! I have turned my business around, now a thriving and fun art and teaching work in progress. I've stopped living as though I'm waiting for things to begin and I'm living in a messy, crazy, dive right in kind of world. Not sure what 2011 will be about but just for today I'll carry out 'success' a little longer. Remember ALT.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

proud Mom

Tonight I had the unique privilege to see my beautiful boy in uniform.

He'd hate it that I'm writing this because he is quiet, reserved and oh so handsome with his gorgeous full head of red hair. He has recently joined our local group of air cadets and is, so far, very positive about the experience. If you had have told me that my wild, wake-boarding, fun loving red head would cut off those locks and be in a GLIDER by October I definitely wouldn't have believed you. If you had have told me that that same summer loving, barefoot son of mine would march in big, shiny black boots and a blue uniform I would have called you crazy!!! But, my infinitely wise children teach me something everyday and today I learned that life is in perfectly perpetual motion. Mitch aka. "Conservative" (as he's known now in the cadet circle) loves to learn, to be a contributing member of his own community, and (best of all, my wish came true) has self esteem to just be march his own path. The smile says it all and tonight as he tried on the whole ensemble we were both grinning ear to ear.