Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Red Hot, Can I Be?

Kelowna Dragon boat festival 2009, the Red Hot Chili Paddlers came in first in their race. It was so exciting to watch the boat pull forward just when it counted. I was wishing I was part of the team, on the boat, paddling my guts out but, wondering was it better that I was cheering? I'm using my Keenfit walking poles to get the old bod back in shape and on Thursday I started Weight Watchers! I signed up for 16 weeks and 42 lbs.
16 weeks from September 17-January 7
My goal is 150lbs (while I'm divulging my mental illness I might as well give out my weight). size 10. and most of all to be a Red Hot Chili Paddler.
I feel hopeful and positive that Things are going to be even more amazing than they already are.

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