Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Diana Gabaldon

Last Friday I got to see Diana Gabaldon at our local community Theatre. It was fantastic! I love listening to creative people tell of their process, their work, their life. Ms. G did not disappoint. My favorite part was when she described tucking her husband into bed at ten pm, catching a nap with her dachshunds until midnight and then working (writing) until four am. Sounds like my perfect day! Speaking of perfect, my days currently are not. I'm trying a new timed released version of seroquel and today, slept until noon. I really want to get to the studio and be creative and productive but feel torn in many different directions. Mostly, I'm resenting my family for needing me to perform mundane tasks for them but then, I feel guilty for resenting. I adore them and therefore, have mixed emotions-surprise- about my negativity. On top of beating myself up for all this it is October, the worst month of the year for my mood disorder.
Anyway, I'd much rather think about Diana Gabaldon and dream that I could emulate her success. Alas, it is a much different nest of chicks being a painter than a novelist. We spend much time alone in turmoil. Actually maybe it's just me that spends much time alone in turmoil..... what do people want to see? What thoughtless comments are people going to make about my abstracted poppies/trees etc. tbc

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