Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm in a full-on manic episode. very surreal. Today I baked cookies at three
in the recipe just throwing things in... they were very good.
I made two puppets for my son's homework. made a casserole and then
realized no one would be home to eat it. Made birthday invitations for a sleepover party next week, laundry..... all the while shaking, twitching and other interesting bodily functions including at one point
spontaneously peeing my pants.
Wow, and creativity out the the ying-yang!!!! ten paintings on the go, the dining room
table is covered in various projects etc. also, many digital projects
mid-way. I could go on but you get the picture.
My son has fifth disease and is covered in rashes, he got the
boot at school yesterday morning and will be home tomorrow too.
Dave is in San Fran.
My doctor just phoned and wants me in the hospital....I refused that
hellish prison so I'm going to see if I can stay at my mom's and get help
with my meds The doctor wants me to take hi doses of sedating mood
stabilizers to try and dial me down for 48 hours and see if this works.
Next, how to ask for help? Not sure what I need help with or how to ask but with DAve away I am probably dangerous on my own.... unable to drive etc.
Baking at three in the morning is probably a bad idea too!
Anyway checking out of reality temporarily.

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